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What’s happened in the Republican President’s first 100 days?

He has been sued 134 times in federal court since the inauguration, according to the Boston Globe, based on its tally of federal court databases. That’s nearly three times the number of his three predecessors combined.

The lawsuits have been brought by green card holders trying to return to the United States after the travel ban on seven majority-Muslim countries. They have been brought by “sanctuary” cities over federal plans to withhold funds. They have been brought business interests claiming unfair competitive advantage by the Republican President with diplomats and lobbyists are booking functions at his hotel to curry favor with him. And many more.

As Bob Ferguson, the Washington State Attorney noted, “You can’t tweet your way out of the courtroom.”

These are turbulent times, and they require our attention and concern. We can’t all start lawsuits, but we can all:

  • Write to our Senators ( and Representatives ( and let them know how their constituents feel about the state of our humanity
  • Lift a prayer for this nation, the world and all the people, without prejudice or exceptionalism, and post it on Facebook/Seafarers International House/Prayer Board
  • Consider a gift to our mission or seafarers or immigrants or for the general support of Seafarers International House (