Our immigrant mission focuses on asylum seekers, domestic violence survivors, and those visiting New York City for health related needs. Close to the welcome of the Statue of Liberty is the inhumanity of the Elizabeth Detention Center. Upon entering the Country, asylum seekers are manacled and deposited in a prison devoid of windows or privacy for the 12-24 months before their asylum requests are adjudicated. We help bridge their housing needs between detention and independent living. 

For domestic violence survivors, New York City with over eight million residents, has insufficient accommodations for their needs. The City’s medical centers draw critically ill patients for exceptional life-saving treatment, but none but the most affluent family members can afford hotel rooms to accompany their loved ones. 

Our mission to immigrants in New York City is to help them reclaim their lives amid adversity. We seek to be a “home away from home”, providing necessary lodging, pastoral care and social services. Please call our front desk and ask to speak to our social work intern for further information.